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What is the Next after Japanese Sake and Whiskey? - TD JOURNEY

Yes, it is the Japanese Wine!

Here is what Tokyo Direct believes. We know that Japanese Sake and Whiskey have been popular worldwide these days. Next coming Japanese alcohol beverage will be the Wine.

As you all know, Tokyo Direct has introduced many premium Japanese sakes in our homepage (if you did not know, please check). Sure, we continue to pursue more product-lines of premium sakes, but we also want to discover and to introduce new world of Japanese alcohol.

Our Staff A (32 years old man, single, looking for girlfriends) went to a business trip to a winery in Komoro-city, Nagano Prefecture. His aim was to taste so-called "Nagano Wine" and to study its winery production process. According to his local information source, the winery has become popular nationally since last November.  U.S. President Mr. Trump visited Japan for the first time, and their premium wine was served during their welcome dinner. The winery offered a free winery tour and original wine tasting (except for the premium wines). Staff A made his mind to research the winery and to introduce this Japanese premium wine to everyone who loves and supports Tokyo Direct.

It was the business trip for him, NOT the date (even though he brought a beautiful lady together with him and spent a wonderful and romantic time). They took a local train from Karuizawa to Komoro station, taxi for 10mins to the winery. After the arrival, they first went to the cafe in the winery and tasted amazing sparkling wine (i.e. Koshu Wine 甲州, which was made of Japanese original white grape from Yamanashi prefecture) with tasty house-made pizza.

sparkling wine 甲州

cafe winery komoro

winery view from cafe

We have to say, this was the wrong choice of Staff A. Yes, he drank too much sparkling wine before going to the winery tour and tasting. According to him, the sparkling wine was so good with reasonable price, and that was why he could not stop drinking it. Oh well...whatever. As always after drinking, he could only focus on the beautiful lady besides him, but not on the wine itself.

Thank you for reading. Story will continue to Part II if someone replies. Yay!

TD JOURNEY by Staff A. Tokyo Direct.

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  • Cute article I love Staff A!

    By the way, what does “TD Journey” mean?

    Akiko Soe
  • Wonderful! I’d love to drink Japanese wine as well! Hope to read Part 2 soon!

    Hanako H

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