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What is the Next after Japanese Sake and Whiskey? (Part 2) - TD JOURNEY

January 17, 2018

The last story ended when Staff A unfortunately got drunk before going to a winery tour and tasting. However, Staff A did not lose his passion to introduce the Japanese wine to his precious and supportive readers. Yes, he made his mind to continue TD JOURNEY and the winery tour.

The day was the first operating day of year 2018 for the winery named Manns Winery in Komoro city, Nagano. With this Happy New Year and relaxing atmosphere, Staff A and other tour attendees first watched the original movie about the brief introduction of the winery. Followed by the introduction, they continued to walk around the winery’s production facilities with a tour guide gentleman.

komoro winery tour

komoro winery tour2

komoro winery tour3

It was a beautiful sunny day; however, the winter in Nagano is severe cold. Despite this freezing condition, the winery’s staffs were hard working and kindly supported the tourists. “People in Nagano are kind and pure hearted” (according to Staff A). It seemed the winery staffs well represented the impression. The tour ended in 15 mins. Yes, the outside was too cold anyway.

Next to the tour, Staff A went to the wine tasting. They could taste the premium wines, called “SOLARIS” series. Paid only JPY500-, the tourist could enjoy and compare three different premium wines. Staff A enjoyed 3 rounds of the tasting. 1 round for white wines and 2 rounds for red wines. Why did he try 3 rounds? Off course their wines were amazing, but also, he could not remember the difference of the taste. Staff A was not talented to be a sommelier. According to Staff A, “Once you get drunk, all alcohol beverages taste same.” High-five for Staff A.

komoro winery tour4

The happy drunk left the winery with full satisfaction and headed back to Tokyo. They took a nostalgic train Shinano Tetsudo しなの鉄道 from Komoro to Karuizawa station, and an express train Shinkansen 新幹線 from Karuizawa to Tokyo. In the train, Staff A looked at the beautiful lady sitting next to him. She was falling asleep. It was a long day trip for her. Staff A held her hand and felt her warmness. He wanted to hug her from his heart.

komoro winery tour6

komoro winery tour5

Thank you for reading,

TD JOURNEY by Staff A. Tokyo Direct.



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