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Pickup on May 10th, 2018:

  1. “Golden Week” holidays have just finished in Japan. Thanking to the nice sunny weather during the precious long holidays, there were many people gathered in the outside events held in Tokyo.

<Comment by Team TD>

There were so many events held during “Golden Week” in Japan. Team TD would like to share the three events held in Tokyo. For those who want to know more about Golden Week and other Japanese public holidays, please check our previous blog (REFERENCE)

  • Oktoberfest (Odaiba)

The world’s famous Volksfest from Germany came to Odaiba, Tokyo! We could enjoy German beers and dishes from daytime to nighttime. Under the warm sunshine outside, who did not like to have a nice beer with delicious dishes and to hang out with friends. There were also some shows by music bands and entertainers during the festival. Please note that the entrance fee was free of charge!




  • Niku-Fes (Odaiba)

Nationally renowned food entertainment festival, called “Niku-Fes” was held next to the Oktoberfest as mentioned above. We could enjoy the premium meat dishes from all over the Japan. Because the price of each dish was very reasonable, there were usually long line queue in many shops. The food culture in Japan has changed, and many people loved the meat dishes. We heard the popular word “Niku-jyo”, simply meaning the ladies who loved to eat meat.




  • Ramen Girls Festival (Nakano)

Although it named as “Girls Festivals”, anyone could join. The festival targeted the women. The organizer started the festival to increase the popularity of ramen among women. The ramen shops in Japan were used to be the place where the most customers were men. Many ramen shops were viewed as a “dirty” and not-clean place to eat, and the ramen was greasy and unhealthy. Nowadays we can see that many ramen shops are clean, and many ladies enjoy the ramen.




Unfortunately, the next public holiday will be on July 16th (Sea day), and yes June is the only month with no public holiday in Japan.

Here are small tips by Team TD.

Japanese celebrate “Sea Day” on July 16th to thank the benefits from the ocean sea; Japan is the country surrounded by sea, and the benefits from the sea is necessary for the country to prosper. On the other hand, there is a holiday called “Mountain Day” on August 11th just started from Year 2016. The day is to enjoy and to thank to the benefits from the mountain. Japanese people appreciate the benefits from the precious nature and set the public holidays to show the thanks to them. Our team predicts that next new public holiday will be “River Day.” It will be set on June, and there will be no month without a public holiday in near future!


  1. Summer season is coming soon? Okinawa started to be in “Tsuyu” season since May 8th.

<Comment by Team TD>

“Tsuyu” means the rainy season in Japan, and it starts from the Southernmost part and moves slowly to the north in Japan. It usually takes 1-2 months to over the rainy humid season. Once “Tsuyu” season is over, the summer season finally comes. Okinawa is now in “Tsuyu” season. We expect Tokyo will be in “Tsuyu” season in the beginning of next month. Please enjoy the precious sunny days in Japan until the “Tsuyu” season to arrive!


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