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The strong windy days with the heavy rainfalls has passed last week, and the spring season has finally come in Tokyo! While waiting for the cherry blossom to bloom, many people in Japan are suffering from pollen allergies. This is so-called “Japanese national disease.”

Pickup on March 13th, 2018:

  1. The spring has come; however, now is the worst season for the people who have a trouble with pollen allergies. The volume of the pollen spread has increased drastically in many regions in Japan.

hay fever

<Comment by Team TD>:

For the people with a hay fever, the spring can be the worst season to live in Japan. They cannot stop sneezing with running nose and the eyes are itchy. It is difficult to sleep well during night and always feel tiredness during the daytime. Some people say hay fever during the spring is the national disease of Japan. Medical shops start selling many kinds of medicines, eye and nose drops, medical masks, and even the special eye glasses to prevent the pollen to affect. It has become the huge market and the number of patients has increased more and more. There are even patients who take a medical surgery due to the severe damages.

hay fever2

Everyone visiting Japan may notice the following:

  • Many Japanese wearing the medical masks. Yes, they have the hay fever.
  • Many Japanese seem to catch a cold. Yes, they have the hay fever.
  • Japanese do not say ‘Bless you” when others sneeze. Unlike the other countries, people sneeze everywhere in this season. Saying “Bless you” to everyone is too difficult. Yes, they have the hay fever.
  • Are they crying? Yes, they have the hay fever.

The spring season in Japan is very beautiful. With sunny and warm temperature, people enjoy the plum, cherry, and many other blossoms to bloom and have the party outside. But at the same time, please note in your mind that there are some people suffering from hay fever and waiting the summer to come as soon as possible.

hay fever3

  1. The cherry blossom is expected to bloom around March 15th and the peak bloom date is around March 22nd in Tokyo.

<Comment by Team TD>:

Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has announced the forecast on March 8th. Considering the warm temperature this week, the schedule is expected to be moved forward. Our team also starts discussing about the cherry blossom viewing party (i.e. Ohanami). But we never reserve the public space in the park with a blue sheet! We respect the common sense in the public park for Ohanami!


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