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Tips for Your Travel to Japan (Part 3)

Here are some useful tips for your exciting travel to Japan.

Abstract: Never get lost in Metropolitan Railways in Tokyo!

There are many interesting aspects of Japanese culture and life styles. However, some may be inconvenient and difficult to understand for a foreign traveler, especially the one who visits Japan for the first time. Tokyo Direct would like to provide some useful tips and information for the travelers.

  1. Metropolitan Railways in Tokyo:

Transportation infrastructure is well developed in Japan, especially the Metropolitan Railways. We believe the railways in Tokyo is the most advanced transportation infrastructure in the world. Many private companies operate the transportation business in Tokyo; for example, Japanese Railway Company (JR), Keikyu, Tokyu, Tokyo Metro Co., Odakyu, Keisei Electric Railway, Tobu, Keio, etc. Honestly speaking, they are too many and we cannot recall all. Train stations are everywhere in Tokyo, and it is essential for our convenient life in Tokyo.

tokyo train

However, it is usually difficult for the travelers to utilize the railways transportation efficiently because of its complexity and massive information. People may get confused of which train to take and at which station to take off. Also, most of the information board at train stations is written in Japanese (there may be English translation, but they are usually too small to read…).

Here is an apps for you, which shows you the direction from your current location to the nearest station for your destination. With this apps, together with Google Maps, you will never get lost in Tokyo!

NAVITIME for JapanTravel:


tokyo station

Moreover, here are advanced tips for your exciting travel:

  • When you get lost, you can ask Japanese people directly. They are kind and try to support you even if they cannot speak English fluently. This is the ‘Omotenashi ’spirit by Japanese.
  • You can also check your clock and compare the time with the schedule information in the apps. Japanese trains usually operate with the exact time scheduled. It is like an automatic machine, and you can trust the time of the train schedule. Thank you for the strict time management by Japanese people.

Finally, Tokyo Direct offers a unique service, Japan Concierge Service “Omotenashi Muscle” (beta), where our local team living in Tokyo is standby to support the travelers to Japan. If you have any requests or questions, please contact our support desk. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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