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Tips for Your Travel to Japan (Part 2)

Here are some useful tips for your exciting travel to Japan. Abstract: How to use an air conditioner while staying at a Japanese household.

There are many interesting aspects of Japanese culture and life styles. However, some may be inconvenient and difficult to understand for a foreign traveler, especially the one who visits Japan for the first time. Tokyo Direct would like to provide some useful tips and information for the travelers.

  1. Air Conditioner:

air conditioner

Airbnb has become popular, and more travelers stay at a private house or apartment while traveling in Japan. It is sometimes economical for travelers compared with staying at conventional hotels.

In a Japanese private household, there are usually air conditioners in each room with a remote controller. Japanese people use air conditioner not only during summer but also winter. It is cold during the winter time, and the air conditioner (heater mode) is a must-have item for the Japanese household.

But wait, almost all remote controllers are written in Japanese only…. If travelers cannot read Japanese, it is a big problem. Here are brief translation and explanations. Please note that the format of each controller may vary, but we believe the basics are same.

remote control

remote control_maked

a) “暖房”: Heater. Turning on the air conditioner with the mode of heating.

b) “除湿”: Dehumidification: Turning on to dehumidify.

c) “冷房”: Cooling: Turning on with the mode of cooling.

d) “停止“: Stop: Tuning off.

e) blank

f) “切タイマー”: Setting off the timer.

g) “入タイマー”: Setting the timer.

h) “風速”: Wind speed. Controlling the speed of the air.

i) “風向”: Wind direction. Controlling the direction of the air circulation.

j) “室温”: Room temperature. Controlling the temperature.

Instead of air conditioner, some households may only have an electric fan during summer and a heater or stove during winter. Especially, if you go to Northern part of Japan, where is freaking cold during winter, it is more common to have a heater or stove.

Finally, Tokyo Direct offers a unique service, Japan Concierge Service “Omotenashi Muscle” (beta), where our local team living in Tokyo is standby to support the travelers to Japan. If you have any requests or questions, please contact our support desk. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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