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Tips for Your Travel to Japan

Tokyo Direct offers a unique service, Japan Concierge Service “Omotenashi Muscle” (beta), where our local team living in Tokyo is standby to support the travelers to Japan. Here are some useful tips for your exciting travel to Japan. Welcome to the world of Japan.

There are many interesting aspects of Japanese culture and life styles. However, some may be inconvenient and difficult to understand for a foreign traveler, especially the one who visits Japan for the first time. Tokyo Direct would like to provide some useful tips and information for the travelers.

  1. Japanese Toilet Culture – Washlet Style:

Japanese advanced technology has finally come into our private room, a toilet. You can find a Washlet-style toilet in many places in Japan. A Japanese company, TOTO, provides an introduction video for Washlet. It is interesting and shows an overview of Washelt-style toilet.

Reference: TOTO’s introduction video for Washlet <>


We believe that many people have already heard of this renowned toilet culture; however, the traveler may get confused because its controller is usually written in Japanese and hard to understand how to use it. Here are brief translation and explanation. Please note that the format of controllers may vary but the basics should be same.



(a) “” : Flush the toilet with large amount of water, usually after poo.

(b) “” : Flush with small amount of water, usually after pee. Save water and save environment.

(c) “” : Stop the operation (e)/(f)/(g).

(d) “おしり” : Rear. Cleanse your rear with sensational feeling.

(e) “やわらか” : Soft rear. With mild water pressure, cleanse your rear. Better using this option before trying (d).

(f) “ビデ” : Serves as a bidet for women.

(g) “乾燥” : Dryer. Dry your front/rear after (d)/(e)/(f).

(h) “水勢” : Water pressure level. “” is to make it high, and “” is to make it low.

(i) “洗浄位置” : Positioning. “” is to move to the front, and “” is to move to the rear.

By the way, a portable Washlet is also available, and that means you can experience the Washlet-style anywhere you want. Many people get addicted to it after their first experience of usage. For myself, I bring this portable Washlet every time I go abroad. Must-have item for Japanese travelers to abroad.

Reference: Travel Washlet <>

Continues to next blog.

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