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Oh-My-Sake! - TD JOURNEY

January 24, 2018

There is no requirement to be a sake lover. Each drinker can discover an original way to drink a sake and look for their favorite brands. Sake can be the best drink whenever and wherever you choose to drink. This is what Tokyo Direct believes.

Off course, there are many things exist behind a brewed sake; for example, the history, tradition, brewing process, types, region, how to drink, paring with foods, blah blah blah. However, putting those aside, each consumer has their own tastes and preference, and a sake should be selected based on the fact. There should be no standard or specific rules to drink a sake in worldwide.

Our Staff A (32 years old man, single, looking for girlfriends..yet) is a new sake lover. He accidentally visited a sake bar, named “GEM by moto, in Ebisu, Tokyo last month. Although he has been living in Japan for a long time, he had never tasted such unique sakes. Their sakes amazed him and brought him into the world of sake. There he had a chance to try the following sakes:

gem by moto

  1. Warm sake mixed with hot green tea: It was a very cold day of winter. The warm sake mixed with hot green tea warmed his body and made him feel relaxed like at home.
  2. Cloudy un-refined sake paired with fried cutlets with blue cheese: Never thought that a sake went well with a fried meet and a blue cheese with strong smell. His old thought was that a sake matched only with Japanese foods, for example, sushi, sashimi (raw fish), etc.
  3. Matured sake with a spice flavor and rich mellow taste: Speechless. He had never tasted the sake like this before.

gem by moto2

Staff A decided to study the world of sake. He has searched many websites which explained the backgrounds and nature of sake in detail. However, he was not patient to read such long and detailed articles with many technical terms. Japanese technical terms were always difficult to read and to understand. Instead of reading, he decided to go directly to sake bars and local breweries, and try to study a sake based on his own tongue and experiences. This was the beginning of his journey to find his own favorite sake. Eventually he started to call this journey as “Oh-My-Sake.” I do not know the reason.

By the way, where were the pictures of the sakes he drank at the sake bar? He was satisfied with their sakes and felt good as all drunks did. Yes, he completely forgot to take the pictures. Idiot!


TD JOURNEY by Staff A. Tokyo Direct.

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