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Oh-My-Sake! (Part 2) - TD JOURNEY

January 31, 2018

As new year of 2018 just started, Staff A (32 years old man, single, looking for girlfriends...yet) asked a cute lady Lily to go to drink a sake. She was his colleague, and they used to go drinking together after the work. He loved her beautiful long hair and the smile which brightens the world surrounding. Yes, he had a crush on her for a long time, but she has never accepted his love. “Going to a sake bar is a good reason to ask for a date”, according to him, and “yes I do” she said so. At least he thought it was a “date.”

January 12th Friday 7pm, the time to finally meet up with Lilly, Staff A was counting the days to the date. On the day, he arrived at Yokohama station before the meeting time. While he was waiting her to finish her work, he went a standing sake bar, named “Kagura” in Sakuragi-cho, Yokohama. Paid only JPY1,000-, people could drink sakes as much as they want with no limit of time. People could select sakes from the collection of more than 50 sake brands. Can you believe it? I cannot!! He started drinking at the bar around 5pm in the evening. In general, most Japanese people still worked at that time, and he always felt a superiority on his privilege to drink during the daytime. When he arrived at the bar, there were already few guys drinking. They might be retired or business owners, or even the office workers who played hooky from the work. Nice sakes with the reasonable price and relaxing atmosphere in the evening of TGIF, he got drunk after drinking three shots of premium sakes.

kagura sake

Lily was beautiful as always. Whenever he saw her smiling face, he felt a happiness and also smiled together. They went to a sake dining bar, named “hanasaku” in Sakuragi-cho, Yokohama. The bar’s interior was classic and beautiful, and they offered many premium sakes and delicious food dishes. It was a good place to have a dinner with dates or friends. Lily was drinking a warmed sake with a traditional sake shot glass. “What a beauty and sexy scenery!”, he thought. “This is the Japanese Geisha style!”, also he thought. He was staring at her drinking a warm sake like an idiot.

hanasaku sake

lilly sake

Unfortunately, Staff A was drunk already, and he did not remember the sakes and dishes he tasted. He did not even remember what he talked with Lily during the date, however, he believed they had a very nice and romantic time.

Today’s conclusion by Staff A:

Lady + Warm Sake = SEXY.


TD JOURNEY by Staff A. Tokyo Direct.

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