LONCON - Japanese style meet-up event in London! Part 2

Continued from Part 1


 TD Staff attended LONCON event in Mar2018 as a volunteer! In Japan, Machi-Con event are taken place everywhere from small ones to huge ones. Finally, Machi-Con event came to London as well. Possibly the most famous club in London, Tiger Tiger (uni new comers favourite place) was its venue. Ideal location, just a minute walk from Piccadilly Circus.

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

LONCON targeted particularly men and women aged 22-35 years old. We've attracting guests mainly on SNS (Facebook, Instagram). The first event has been taken place in January 2018 at the same venue and about 100 guests came to the event. 

LONCON is scheduled to start from 7pm, but staff came to the venue around half past 5. The venue was obviously still completely empty an cleaning staff was still there to clean up something on the floor (apparently from last night!). LONCON volunteer staff are very international consist of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and British.

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

 Entrance fee is 10 pounds. All guests can participate in bingo game and could draw prize. Prizes are amazing! TD staff did an attendant at the entrance. Holding a paper with LONCON logo and waving hands every time I see new visitors are coming...actually other people at the entrance gazed at me!

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

Around 7pm, visitors are in. Normally, party starts filling up 30-60 minutes after start, but actually guests from Italy showed up 5 minutes before 7pm! (for your information, if you're invited to Japanese party, make sure to arrive there on time!)

Preparing wrist bands...

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

Guests are British, other Europeans, Korean, Japanese and more! Around 8 pm, already about 70 people visited the event.

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

There were two different games. First one was quiz game and second one was bingo game. Both prizes are amazing including afternoon tea for two at Double Tree Hilton, Dinner for two at hotel in Mayfair etc! More than 10 people won a prize as all prizes were for couples. Considered about 10 out of 100 guests win something, this looks very attractive, huh?

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

LONCON - Japanese meet-up event in London

The event finished just before 11 pm. It was an cosy atmosphere and very lively and friendly event. Next event will be scheduled in May 2018. For further details, please check official HP out. Make sure you attend next LONCON event!

LONCON Official HP

Next event will be on 19May2018 (Sat)!!! For further details, please see here


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