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Japanese Youtubers to Watch Part 1

Do you like to watch Youtube? If so, which Youtber is your favourite? What genre do you like to watch? Gaming, beauty, cooking or just stupid fun thing? 

Like many other countries, watching Youtube is a big thing among young people. At school, office, train....people are watching Youtube everywhere at their spare time on smartphone. It is no wonder that recent research shows that becoming a Youtuber is Top 3 most popular job for Japanese teenagers and adults completely have no idea about it, this is just another typical story!

Today, TD Blog introduce most popular Japanese Youtubers to you. Some videos have English subtitles, but we're pretty sure that you can enjoy all these Youtubers videos without understanding Japanese language.

1. Hikakin ヒカキン (subscribers 5.6M as of Feb2018)

He's the pioneer of Japanese Youtuber and still supposed to be the top Youtuber in Japan. Back in 2006, Hikakin started his first Youtube channel while studying a high school. His career on Youtube began from human beat box. His videos gradually gained audience and now he's not playing human beat box anymore. Instead, he's mainly introducing new game, funny products etc. Definitely, No.1 Youtuber in Japan. Just so you know, his big brother 'Seikin' is also a Youtuber. 

This video made him famous - Hikakin's Million Dollar Video

Here's the link to current his main channel 


2. Hajime-shacho はじめしゃちょー (Shacho means a boss in Japanese. Subscribers 5.9M as of Feb2018)

He started to upload videos later than Hikakin, but now he has the largest subscribers in Japan. He started uploading funny experimental videos in 2012 while he was still studying at university. To be honest, it's impossible to say how many Youtubers in Japan uploaded mentos-coke videos, he's one of them and uploaded many different versions of anything related to mentos and coke. His style of videos are various, but main theme is still funny and stupid experiments.

Here's the link to his current channel

 3. Yuka Kinoshita 木下ゆうか (subscribers 3.8M as of Feb2018)

 Her type of video is simple and easy to understand. Eat. Just eat. So, what's the point of having more than 3 million subscribers here? The way she eats makes us feel like hungry? Well, it depends... personally not! She has a bottomless stomach. She eats, eats and eats in every video. That's it. She always eats up unbelievable amount of foods and calories. And her everyday eating diary got 3.8M subscribers and made her famous one of most famous Youtubers in Japan.

 Here's the link to her current channel

 These three Youtubers are just one of so many Japanese Youtubers. Actually, there're much more that we want to introduce to you! TD Blog will keep you updated about Japanese Youtubers in the future!

Thank you for reading!


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