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Hotels to Stay Nearby Narita Airport

February 23, 2019

Are you travelling LCC from Narita Airport? 

Narita airport is located over 70km southeast of central Tokyo and is the international airport in Japan opened in 1978.

Today, Narita is increasing its presence as LCC hub airport in Japan and most LCC flights in Japan fly from there.

Narita Airport Terminal 3 is LCC-only terminal opened in 2014. The unique award-winning 'athletic-track' design is famous in this terminal. It's really fun to walk and never miss your destination thanks to this great navigation! 

Narita airport Terminal 3

As mentioned, Narita airport is not in Tokyo and located a bit far (70km) from central Tokyo. If you want to know how to get there, please read this blog.

When you're travelling by LCC from Narita, your flights are likely to be early morning (or late night) one. So, access to the airport is always a problem. Our suggestion is to get there the night before and stay overnight near the airport.

Of course, you want to do it as cheap & convenient as possible, right?

After reading this blog, you will exactly know where to stay!

Let's go!

1. Narita Airport Rest House

Surprisingly, there're no hotels inside Narita airport building (directly connected with the terminal building). So, if you stay 'airport' hotel in Narita, normally you have to go outside the airport.

It's still not that bad as all hotels are close to the airport and they have free shuttles to/from the airport which is quite convenient. But, having said that, some hotels are close and others are not so close. 

Narita Airport Rest House is only one hotel literally located inside the airport (although not in the terminal building). 

Hotels nearby Narita airport

Some airport hotels are located a bit far from the airport and free shuttle may take for 20 - 30 minutes, but you can get your terminal just in 5 - 10 minutes from this hotel. 

Another point to mention about this hotel is the retrospective style. The hotel opened back in 1978 and you can feel the atmosphere of the 70s' in Japan from most of the room decoration and design. Staying there should be an interesting experience. Don't worry, the room is clean to the standard level of a normal Japanese hotel! 

Time travel to the 70s'?

Narita Airport rest House

The price is also quite reasonable starts from around 70 pounds / 90 dollars per night.

Narita Airport Rest House

2. 9 Hours Narita Airport

Some of you might have heard of Japanese capsule hotel and maybe you feel like trying it once. Yet, you still hesitate to stay there throughout your trip as you might not like it. Staying only overnight at a capsule hotel near Narita airport would be the best option if you think that way.

Japanese capsule hotel - 9 hours Narita airport

9 Hours Hotel Narita is a newly opened capsule hotel located off Terminal 2. Actually, you can walk to the hotel from Narita Airport Terminal 2 train station within 5 minutes. So, it could be the nearest hotel to the airport (Airport Rest House above is 5 minutes by shuttle bus).  

Basically, the 9 Hour Hotel has 3 ways to stay. Firstly, overnight (like a normal hotel). Secondly, stay at an hourly rate. Lastly, only a shower. I guess most of you choose to stay overnight. In case you need something to eat or whatever at night, there's Yoshinoya (beef bowl fast food shop) and Family Mart (convenience store) open 24/7 nearby.  

9 Hours Hotel Narita airport

9 Hours Hotel Narita Airport -

3. Narita U City Hotel

Did you know Narita is more than just an airport city? Actually, Narita is a quite popular tourist spot in Japan. Narita Mountain's Shinsho Temple is the 2nd busiest temple in Japan and many tourists visit this great old temple.

So, if you have some time in Narita, walking around in this area is definitely worth a try.

This is Shinsho temple in Narita.

Narita Mountain Shinsho Temple

If you plan to walk around, staying at a hotel near the airport is not that convenient as sightseeing spots are not located in the airport area. These spots are easily accessible from Narita train station. 

Narita U-City hotel is one of the budget hotels located just off Narita train station (2 minutes walk). Same as Narita airport Rest House above, it's quite an old, but clean and comfortable hotel. You can feel the atmosphere of the 80s' or early 90s' of Japan here as well (smile). 

Narita U city hotel

The best thing about this hotel is its price. 5,000 yen (35 pounds / 50 dollars) per night is cheaper than average hotels near Narita airport. You don't need to worry too much about getting to the airport from here. A free shuttle bus connects the hotel directly to the airport terminal in 30 minutes.

Hotel Link: Narita U-City Hotel  

4. Hilton Narita

If you would like to rest in better quality and wouldn't mind your budget very much, staying at an international hotel chain would be the best option.

Hilton Narita opened in 2002 and located a bit like a hidden place off the airport. It's surrounded by trees (maybe can be called as 'small' forest), so it's isolated from external noise. It's a perfect location to stay quiet and peaceful. the nearest store (7 eleven - convenience store) is 10 minutes walk away is a downside (buying inside the hotel is obviously expensive).

Hilton Narita - hotels near Narita airport

Almost the same structure, the same design is a good point of the international hotel chain. Satisfaction guaranteed and feel relaxed.

Hilton Narita - hotels near Narita airport - Tokyo Direct

Needless to say, this hotel is connected with both Narita train station (20 minutes) and the airport (15 minutes). 

5. In the airport (North Wating Area)

OK, now we've introduced 4 hotels near Narita airport. But, you may think I don't mind to stay overnight at the airport. It should not be too bad and most importantly it's free. 

After Narita airport opened Terminal 3 (LCC terminal), many people choose to stay overnight to wait for their flights. Previously, almost no one even has thought of that (besides the airport closed during the night).

Today, it's quite common to stay overnight there and it's not that difficult as there're convenience stores and fast food restaurants open 24/7. Having said that, you want a bit more comfortable place even when you stay at the airport for free, right?

There's a perfect place for that. It's located between Terminal 2 and 3 and called North Wating Area. 

Narita airport north waiting area - Tokyo Direct

It's quite a big area only for the purpose of waiting passengers. Vending machines, toiles, high-speed WIFI and benches. You have everything basically you need.

If the space is still available, how about trying to sleep on a Japanese tatami mattress? 

Narita airport north waiting area - Tokyo Direct

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your trip!

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