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WASO - Did you try Best Japanese Bento Delivery in London yet?

Secret of Japanese lunch in London

Tens of thousands of Japanese working in London. It's quite a lot, isn't it? 

Do you know what they eat for lunch? You might think Japanese in London also have no choice other than grabbing a sandwich and crisps?

Admittedly, lunch choices in London have been dramatically better last 10 years. Londoners have much more selections rather than just having the same sandwich everyday.

Japanese cuisine came to  this market and quickly became a Londoner's new  favourite. Today, you can see a packed Sushi at almost all supermarkets. 

Here's the problem for all Japanese in London. 

Most of us still hesitate to eat those ready-to-eat Japanese meals sold at supermarkets and takeaways simply because they don't taste as good as foods in Japan.  

Bento (Japanese lunch box meal) is pretty popular and widespread meal (commonly east for lunch) throughout Japan.

Most Japanese children used to go to school with bento-box. And then when we all grew up and start working, we buy Bento at convenience store for lunch. 

Bento is truly essential in Japanese life. 

Likewise in London, Bento is essential here as well. Did you know Japanese in London also enjoy Bento for lunch? If you didn't now, well that's a well-kept secret among Japanese working in London.

TD Blog revels its secret!

What is WASO?

WASO has been launched in 2015 and already became a favourite lunch choice for many people in central London. I've personally tried WASO's bento box so many times and honestly speaking, this is the best Japanese food delivery in London (and possibly in the whole UK).

Of course, there're some Japanese restaurants which offer you the finest Japanese cuisine with jaw-dropping price in London and they offer 'authentic' taste of Japanese food.

But, WASO offers authentic Japanese tastes from a mere 6.9 pounds with no delivery fee!!!

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO

Why WASO special?

WASO's menu is very different from other Japanese takeaways. Normally, most well-known Japanese foods in London are Sushi(of course), Katsu(deep fried pork/chicken) and Japanese Curry etc and these are top-choice for Japanese takeaway in London as well.

But, what WASO offers is more natural and traditional dishes which are actually eaten at local Japanese home. Their dishes use a lot of tofu, miso, seaweed, fresh vegetables and fish.

As a passionate WASO's fan, these are what I personally think why WASO is the BEST & MOST authentic Japanese food delivery in London.

1. Maze-Gohan (rice mixed with added ingredients)

If you think there's only plain white rice bowl in Japanese cuisine, you still don't know Japanese cuisine! 

Rice is a versatile food. If you cook it with other vegetables, fish, mean (and whatever!). It tastes much better. 

You can enjoy different kinds of this 'Maze-gohan' (Maze means 'mix' and Gohan means 'rice/food') like these in WASO's meal.

Takana Yukari Gohan (高菜ゆかりご飯) - White rice mixed with mustard leaf and dried red perilla leaf (yukari).

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO

Fried Tofu Rice (ひじきとお揚げのご飯) - Fried tofu and Hijiki (Japanese sea vegetable), mixed with soy and sake flavoured rice.

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO

 Edamame Ginger Rice (枝豆しょうがご飯)- Edamame and ginger mixed with soy and sake-flavoured rice.

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO


2. Unique Salad Dressing

 How many of you know the fact that Japanese mayo is much better than one in other countries? (Be careful, Japanese mayo's highly addictive!)

Likewise, Japanese salad dressings are amazing. WASO serves healthy salad with their home made wafu (Japanese style) dressing. Definitely these dressings are must-try!

This is WASO's salad with Wasabi mayo dressing.

You can have Japanese salad with Japanese dressing in WASO.

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO

 3. Flexible Delivery

 If you're working in central London, you can order WASO's food without minimum order and delivery fee. In addition, flexible delivery time!

This is great considered many delivery services such as Deliverloo, Uber Eats charge delivery fee.

This is current WASO's delivery area. You're not in the area? You can still contact and ask them if they can deliver to you!

Best Japanese bento delvery in London - WASO

  • Red Area: No minimum order
  • Green Area: Minimum Order = 3 units
  • Blue Area: Minimum Order = 5 units

Japanese foods are already popular in London, but if you still haven't tried WASO you still have NOT tried best Japanese food delivery in London. So, please try WASO.

When you order for the first time, please use this promo code

Code: Tokyodirect

This will give you 25% off (for your 1st order only)

You can order here! 

Thank you for reading!

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