CA4LA - Japanese Hat Shop hidden in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is one of the most trendy and stylish areas in east London. A lot of graffiti can been seen everywhere on the street and buildings. This area is famous for a lot of pubs, bars and clubs. In recent years, Shoreditch is more attractive as tourist destination and several new boutique hotels such as Citizen M, Ace hotel and Nobu hotel have chose to open at this place.

Boutique hotel in Shoreditch

Crowne Plaza hotel replaced by Ace Hotel in 2013 (picture above)

 If you're familiar to Shoreditch or used to live in that area, you already know this area is always a source of fashion in London. Its atmosphere is vibrant day and night. It's busy with tourists and young  tech workers (as Old Street is a new tech centre in London) at daytime a bunch of club goers at night. Thus, Shoreditch is truly interesting area as it has more than aspects. 

CA4LA (pronounced as kah-shee-lah) meaning a head in Japanese) is top hat shop in Japan with more than 20 shops throughout Japan. CA4LA's only overseas shop located in Shoreditch, London. This is not a surprise at all as all CA4LA shops in Japan are located in most trendy areas. If CA4LA comes to London, where else could it be other than here?

CA4LA London shoreditch is Japanese hat shop

(the shop front in picture above)

CA4LA has started in 1997 in Tokyo and has been a pioneer of hat culture and industry in Japan and since then CA4LA has been manufacturing many different kinds of hat until today.

When you enter into CA4LA shop in Shoreditch, you should gasp at the sight of interior design of shop.It's with classic antique-style decoration and was actually designed by Japanese designer when it opened in 2006.

And you'll be welcomed by Japanese staff. This almost made me feel like I was in a CA4LA shop in Tokyo, but yet this is STILL in east London! Yet again, another small piece of Japan has been found in central London.  

 In the store, you can find so many different hats from cap to knit hat. In general, most hats are unisex design. Please take a look at these amazing hats!

CA4LA is Japanese hat shop in Shoreditch

CA4LA is Japanese hat shop in Shoreditch

CA4LA is Japanese hat shop in Shoreditch

 CA4LA is Japanese hat shop in Shoreditch

Definitely, you'll be able to find a hat you like here.

Also they've got something like this! I was told that a man on this hat is the founder of this brand! Now he's looking at CA4LA London shop proudly from here everyday!

CA4LA is Japanese hat shop in Shoreditch

CA4LA is a hidden Japanese gem stone in Shoreditch, east London. When you have a chance to visit that area, make sure you drop by!

Shop Info

CA4LA London

23 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB

CA4LA Official Page (English)





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