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Top 5 Japanese Stall Foods 【Summer Festival】

TD Blog introduced Japanese summer festival in this blog

Summer's must-go event in Japan - summer festival

In this blog, we mentioned about food stalls in Japanese summer festival. When it comes to summer festivals in Japan, food stalls are definitely a must-eat place to go.

But, here's a problem. You're likely to face when you arrive at summer festival in Japan. There're too many choices and you have no idea which one you should try. 

Japanese summer festival - food stall

Of course, Japanese people know which one is typical standard choice. And actually most of us eat them rather than trying something new which is a bit risky choice.

Those popular  stall foods are actually what we call soul foods in Japan. Good thing about going to food stalls in summer festival is that you can have them all at once. 

Don't worry! After you read this TD blog, you already know exactly what to eat at summer festival! 

1. Takoyaki (たこ焼)

Foods such as Takoyaki and Yakisoba are called as ' Konamon or Konamono'. This means 'Powder' (Kona) 'stuff' (mono). Basically, foods made from wheat flour are called like that. Particularly, this word is often used among westerners of Japan (Osaka area etc) and they love 'konamon' so much. 

Takoyaki is arguably the most popular food in Osaka, but it is widely loved throughout Japan. This ball-shaped snack made of wheat flour has a piece of octopus inside. I'd say Takoyaki is a king of stall foods in Japan.

 Japanese summer festival - food stall Takoyaki

2. Yakisoba (焼きそば)

 If Takoyaki is a king of 'Konamon', Yakisoba should be a queen of 'Konamon'. This Japanese stir-fry noodle is also very popular food in Japan. Normally, Yakisoba is served with red ginger (topping). You can NOT miss this one when you come to summer festival.

Japanese summer festival - food stall Yakisoba

3. Ikayaki (イカ焼き

I always wonder why people in Britain do not eat squid much? Squid is too underrated in the UK in my opinion. This seafood is truly versatile. Grilled squid (Ikayaki) is simple, but extremely tasty stall food.

Japanese summer festival - food stall Ikayaki

4. Yakimorokoshi (焼きもろこし)

This is also a charcoal grilled food like Ikayaki. As well as Ikayaki, this stall food is very simple. You think It's just a grilled corn hub? Just try this charcoal grilled bliss. You will be surprised with its amazing taste. When this one is served in food stalls, normally they pour some drops of sweet soy sauce and this makes its flavour even richer. 

Japanese summer festival - food stall Yakimorokoshi Grilled Corn hub

5. Ringo-ame (りんご飴)& Anzu-ame (あんず飴)

These sweets are pretty similar to toffee apple. Ringo-ame (apple candy) and Anzu-ame (apricot candy) are both sugar-coated fruits. There're different types of fruits version, but these two are most popular choices. I think they're slightly sourer (less sweet) than toffee apple as Japanese like sweet & sour taste very much.


Japanese summer festival - food stall - Ringo Ame りんご飴


 Japanese summer festival - food stall -Anzu ame あんず飴

 6. Banana-choco (バナナチョコ)

One of my childhood dreams was to put whatever I want into that chocolate bowl used for banana-choco. This is also quite simple desert, but you'll definitely find this one wherever summer festival's stalls are. It's a bliss for every child. Still the great taste for adults as well. 

Japanese summer festival - food stall Banana choco (バナナチョコ)


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