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5 Japanese music you must listen on Spotify

Have you ever listened to Japanese pop music? (J-pop) Maybe, even if you're not familiar with J-pop, you might have heard of some band names such as X Japan. These visual-kei band is one of most popular Japanese pop cultures and loved by so many fans outside Japan.

How about new musicians? (X Japan debuted in 80's but STILL a top band in Japanese music industry) Can you name any? Don't worry! We're living in wonderful time today. Thanks to music streaming service, music lovers can access to all amazing music all over the world. Actually, there're many amazing Japanese musicians on Spotify and its number is getting more and more as Spotify recently started its business promotion heavily in Japan. 

Today, we introduce 5 must-listen Japanese musicians you can listen on Spotify. Not yet Spotify user? Now it's time to get it!

1. Radwimps

This rock band joined top band club for their work for biggest ever hit animation film 'Your Name'  in 2016. You can listen 'Your Name (Original Soundtrack)' on Spotify. Not only their songs, also each of their instrumentals dedicated to this animation film is truly impressive.

Video clip from ' Zen zen zen se'

 2. Gesu no kiwami otome (ゲスの極み乙女)

Just call this band as 'Gesu'. Gesu is a word of slur, simply means xxxhole or something similar. Full version of this band's name means Ultimate xxxhole virgin. Hmm, never mind. What it really matters is not their name, but their music! Their debut album 'Odorenainara Gesuninatte Shomaeyo' (long!) is amazing masterpiece. By the way, meaning of album title is 'If you can't dance, be a Gesu'

Video clip from 'Killer Ball'

 3. Sheena Ringo (椎名林檎)

Among these, this female singer song writer is a bit old (debuted in 90's) but still keep on shining. Her recent most famous work is hand-over ceremony in Rio Olympics (2016) She continues to be a member of main music team for Tokyo Olumpic Game 2020, thus definitely opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020 will be something great. Her first two albums are masterpieces (Innocence Moratorium and Winning Strip)

Video clip from 'Kabukicho-no jyoh (Queen of Kabuki-cho)

 4. Natsuko Nisshoku (日食なつこ)

Natsuko Nisshoku (Nisshoku means eclipse in Japanese). This female singer songwriter has been discovered as a TV show featured this song (video). Piano skill, song writing, singing. Everything is amazing, it's awesome!

Video clip from 'Suiryu no Rock' (Water stream Rock)

5. Wednesday Campanella (水曜日のカンパネラ)

If you're really keen on J-pop, you might remember Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Wednesday Campanella might be categorised in the same category with her, but Wednesday Campanella 's music has more avant-garde style of music. This singer has an extremely her own unique, lyrics are full of playing word and very interesting. If you're fluent Japanese speaker, try her lyrics. It's very very difficult!

Video clip from 'Momotaro' 

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy J-pop music on Spotify


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