ロンドンで激ウマ日本の惣菜弁当!? WASOを君はもう食べたか?



本家長門屋 日本福岛县会津的本家长门屋,创业于1848年,是一家历史悠久的和菓子屋。由于会津是以出产核桃为名,所以长门屋的代表日式点心都以会津的核桃为主要原料,加上不断的创意和改良,他们家的点心既包含了和菓子的传统又让人大开眼界。   本家长门屋推出了限量羊羹 Fly Me To The M...
Japanese bento delivery in London

WASO - Did you try Best Japanese Bento Delivery in London yet?

Did you know actually London have several Japanese bento delivery services? Most of them run by Japanese restaurants. WASO have been delivering authentic Japanese food to London since 2015. Authentic unbelievable tasty food revealed.
Japan has Noodle-Flowing Pipe in Summer

Japan has Noodle-Flowing Pipe in Summer

Japanese summer is so hot! Everybody loves to eat cold noodles (somen) in summer. But, do you know there's a bizarre way to eat somen in Japan? It's called Nagashi-somen (flowing somen). We enjoy seeing somen flowing in cold water and this makes us feel cooler in hot weather. Seriously? Check this blog out!
How to Survive 40 Degrees in Japanese Summer? Eat Shaved Ice (Kakigo-ri)

How to Survive 40 Degrees in Japanese Summer? Eat Shaved Ice (Kakigo-ri)

Japanese best friend in summer is shaved ice (kakigo-ri). This cold dessert represents Japanese hot summer. There're many different colourful flavours and not easy to choose at first. TD Blog introduce this Japanese special ice dessert!

Japanese stall foods

Top 5 Japanese Stall Foods 【Summer Festival】

Do you want to know Japanese soul food or street food? Or maybe Japanese junk food? There's one place you can get to know all of them. That's a food stall in Japanese summer festival. TD blog introduce amazing Japanese stall foods.
Summer's must-go event in Japan - Summer festival

Summer's must-go event in Japan - Summer festival

All Japanese must have their own best summer memories. In most cases, they're associated with fun times in long summer holiday or it could be sweet & bitter first love in their childhood. Summer is very special season for all Japanese. TD Blog explains how Japanese actually enjoy themselves in summer.
拉面漫画 爱吃拉面的小泉同学

拉面 日本的国民美食





日本で花火や海水浴のスイカ割りが夏の風物詩となっているようにイギリスにもイギリス人がこの季節が来ると夏だな~と感じる夏の風物詩が数多くあります。Tokyo Directブログが独断と偏見で選ぶイギリスの定番の夏の風物詩を皆さんに紹介します!


去过日本的你们一定会了解,无论是在东京,京都,大阪还是任何一个区域都不会少了咖啡的存在。 日本毋庸置疑是亚洲地区最先开始咖啡文化的国家,也是世界咖啡浪潮变革中无可替代的角色。日本的咖啡如此好喝吗?日本的咖啡文化如此特别吗?答案是肯定的,以至于美国波士顿大学人类学家 Merry White 经过...

【とりあえずこの業者】イギリスのプリペイ携帯まとめ 2018年度版

今や携帯、というかスマホ無しの生活なんて無理ですよね。 海外旅行の時もローミング使ったらバカ高いし、現地でSIMカード使うのがいいですよね。 これを読めばイギリスに来てすぐにスマホが使える情報をお届けします。
Tokyo Today - TD NEWS

Tokyo Today - TD NEWS

"Golden Week” holiday is just over in Japan. Thanking to the nice sunny weather during the precious long holidays, there were many people gathered in the outside events held in Tokyo.