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Japanese Halloween

3 Reasons Japanese Halloween Is The Greatest Party In The World

Halloween suddenly became one of the biggest events in Japan last few years. On this day, Japanese people dress up and go out and have some fun. Let the party begin!
Japanese Beef Bowl Shop Yoshinoya

【Series Japanese Must-Go Chain Store】Yoshinoya 吉野家 【Vol. 2】

Series Japanese Must-Go Chain Store - TD Blog introduce where to shop, eat and play in Japan. Japan has so many amazing local chain stores which do not have overseas branches. Here you can find local Japanese super shops!
Japanese Koyo

The Japanese Go To Mountain In Autumn - Here's Why

Autumn is the season for Japanese to enjoy autumn colours. In this season, many Japanese are travelling all the way just to see autumn leaves. It's unbelievable beautiful sight when a forest turns into red & yellow. TD Blog introduces this autumn joy to you.


日本盛产美魔女,并且日本社会还针对美魔女开展了很多比赛以及研讨会。什么是美魔女呢?就是真实年龄超出你想象有一定年纪却看起来特别年轻的女人。 无可否认,日本女人确实是这个世界上最热衷保养、最擅长保养的。从小时候就开始了的美容熏陶,对皮肤、身材和健康的追求异常坚定,要求甚高,甚至已经到了登峰造极...
Harvest Moon Festival in Japan - Rabbits Making Rice Cake On the Moon?

Harvest Moon Festival in Japan - Rabbit Making Rice Cake On the Moon?

Harvest Moon Festival comes every year in autumn in Japan. We celebrate this holiday with the display of susuki grass & rice cake balls. The day of the festival is the day you can see the most beautiful full moon of the year. TD Blog explains how to enjoy this holiday properly. Let's enjoy watching the moon together!
Appetite of Autumn in Japan

Autumn of Appetite is Coming! - 5 Things to Eat in Autumn in Japan

Japanese autumn is 'autumn of apprtite'. There're so many nice foods are in the best season in Japan. If you're a serious foodie, come to Japan in autumn and try these delicious ones!
Japanese yokai

The Japanese need to be scared to cool down in summer? Part 2

Yokai is a truly wonderful culture of Japan. Tororo, Pokemon etc. Their concepts all come from here. After reading this blog, you'll be a Yokai master!
Japanese Yokai Who's who?

The Japanese need to be scared to cool down in summer? Part 1

Summer is a season for ghosts and monsters in Japan. Haunted house attraction can be seen almost in every theme park. While on TV, many programs are talking about ghosts. Japanese believe listening (experiencing) to the scary story makes you feel chilly and this is useful for sweltering heat in Japanese summer. I'm not kidding! Ghosts & monsters are active now and waiting for you to see them!
WASO 你尝过伦敦正统日本便当吗?

WASO 你尝过伦敦正统日本便当吗?

伦敦日本上班族的秘密午餐 在伦敦这样的国际化大都市,来自世界各个国家的人每天川流不息,其中有几万人来自日本。在日本企业银行扎堆的地方必然存在着一种秘密午餐,便当。你可能会觉得在英日本人每天也是啃着一块冰冷的三明治,吃点油腻薯片果腹,其实不然。 无可否认,现在午餐选择相比于10年前有了戏剧性的变...
Official Rule of 'Watermelon Splitting Game' in Japan

Official Rule of 'Watermelon Splitting Game' in Japan

Summer is not over yet! If you have a plan to visit the beach this summer, why not try Japanese 'Watermelon Splitting Game'? It's so simple to play this game. Get one watermelon, stick (handy & decent one) and towel. That's it. It's much more fun than you think. TD Blog will explain how to play by the official rule of  WSA (Watermelon Splitting Game Association).

ロンドンで激ウマ日本の惣菜弁当!? WASOを君はもう食べたか?



本家長門屋 日本福岛县会津的本家长门屋,创业于1848年,是一家历史悠久的和菓子屋。由于会津是以出产核桃为名,所以长门屋的代表日式点心都以会津的核桃为主要原料,加上不断的创意和改良,他们家的点心既包含了和菓子的传统又让人大开眼界。   本家长门屋推出了限量羊羹 Fly Me To The M...